donderdag 19 juli 2012

Malaysian serama chicks in Belgium

This is how it should be done.Breed and select for long thighs and legs. Just like the True breed Serama chick in the picture. In the pic is a fresh born Serama chick bred from Malaysian type birds. I would suggest that all european serama breeders should breed and select for this feature. Also breed for slim and upright bodies.
In this picture one can see how slim the bodystructure of this birds really is. The body is placed on top of the legs, not hanging between te legs like it appears compairing to birds in the US and EU.
Below a compairance between a Serama and a so called serama like birds are in the US and EU. Left bird in the picture was photographed by myself in Malaysia. Bird on the left was photographed by myself in the USA. Malaysia April 2012 and 3 weeks later i was in the USA. I mention this for not confusing people who might think that there are ages of breeding differece in between these 2 pictures.
Thanks to my Malaysian and US friends who are so helpfull doing all this research. Thank you, Terima Kasih.

zondag 15 juli 2012

Serama in Belgium

Here is one of our young chicks we followed over the past months. He is called "Little Dato".
This guy is very vey macho for a cockerel.
We are even more delighted to know that this little Rooster is fertile too. And is become a daddy already.
We cross are fingers that many chicks may follow in the future.