vrijdag 30 mei 2014

Little word from a passionate serama breeder

Serama eggs:

Eggs are a mix of % from 50 to 87.5% ...87.5% does not mean they are better then 50% as halfbloods 50% x halfblood 50% = still 50% and in most cases far better birds then some 87.5%. all depending on their proper characteristics.
A selection is always required even within pure malay bred birds.

I'm just telling as some people spread stories like they are experts. Stop these fairy tails!

I only keep good breeding birds. Not every bird is a good breeding bird, not even the pure malay ones. If they were then selecting could be excluded.

37.5% halfblood bird

You can only know if the bird is OK when breeding and see what kind of type the offspring has inherited. Sometimes it's just a matter of making the right combination. Of course, when having a bird who is totally out of proportion,,,short legs, long back, long wing, bad wing carriage, no headpull, no attitude, very horzontal, flat breast, frightened, aggressive...better cull the bird.

But when the bird is well proportioned but missing attitude then it might be a good breeder as a showbird is not always a good breeding bird and vice versa. The key lays within the genetics for what the parent is passing onto it's offspring. I've also experienced that the good genetics for breeding might skip a generation.

As long i don't lay eggs myself better not ask for special requests, it won't happen! If you think to know it all better, no problem but don't bother me.

There are enough people who appriciate what i'm doing and who are thankfull with my advice for breeding. My goal is to provide good genetics to breeders who are passioned.
And if you put the genetics come from my flock back to your Kapan don't be surprised if you will never achieve that what others already have. (that followed my advice)

Why am i saying all this? Because i get messages or emails from people who think they are experts and nevertheless asking me for eggs or birds?

I'm done with the following requests:
- please send me eggs the highest "%" only
- i want eggs but you need to garantee that they will be showbirds and A class or AA class
- i want eggs but expect only extreme results like showbirds seen in Malaysia
- I want eggs but from your malaysian only

Really! Are those people serious or...???
The eggs come from my own breeding birds (halfblood-project)and a mix of 50% upto 94%. NOT FROM MY MALAYSIAN FLOCK!

I cannot garantee what you will hatch. They will always be better then any Kapan or outcrossed european bantam which is also wearing the same name 'C-rama'!

There are enough people who are into Kapan, Chaborama and C-rama who will gladly help you...so, please don't bother me over such. TQ
I was able to build up a massive net of serama contacts and each day more join. Approche me in a proper and friendly way and do not load my inbox with 1000 requests, i don't have the time, sorry!

If you can't be friendly, do not expect me to do anything for you, i won't even reply.
People i refused to help in the past is simply because they were rude. Every other normal human being has birds from here already or will be.

In case you want nice Serama i might help you when you are confident with what i'm doing.