dinsdag 10 november 2015

Breeding blue for 2016

Special plans with this boy for the blue-project. This lad has all the 2011-2015 bloodlines in his genes. He will get a very lovely blue bride in 2016.

He was baptised as "BLUEPRINT"

His daddy

Happy breeding my friends ♥

zaterdag 31 oktober 2015

Malay Cuckoo - project

Recently someone said halfbloods seem like Chaborama's (Japorama's).
Maybe his birds only?
I have seen breeders who started off with halfbloods 50% and did miracles in a short time. Some can't even breed something decent from pure breds. No type, attitude, etc, etc..
Again some have the skills some never will.

It's takes patience to breed nice things. And the nicest offspring occurs by average looking breeding-birds.

Some people always see defects, they always complain, they are never satisfied, they will never grow as they can't see beauty, especially if it ain't theirs. All they feel is envy.
To those people i would like to say,"why don't you collect stamps"?
To all the genuine & nice people. Don't let them take you down!
The jealous ones only envy because there is something worth while YOU got.........

vrijdag 30 oktober 2015

The art of breeding (part II)

A bird with good proportions, short feathers, attitude and performance has no need for enhancement of any kind.

Simply breed and select for short feathered birds, slim bodies with long legs and short wings.

dinsdag 1 september 2015

Already gone

Also young birds available 1-2 months
4cockerels at 50
Pullets at 35

maandag 31 augustus 2015

Straighten chick feet and toes ♥

This is an example of how you could do.

What do you need?
(1) Adhesive plaster
(2) Scissor
(3) good sight/light ,,or glasses :)

Here we go

Place the feet in the middle of the plaster.

Position the toes

Final position

Fold the corners

Add another plaster on top to enforce everything.

Next step, BE CAREFUL!!!
Cut away excess corners

Ready to go

You got a little ducky now. LOL

The chick might have trouble to walk in the beginning but they get used very soon.

Have a nice day

vrijdag 31 juli 2015

Say NO to inbreeding!

Some of the nicest birds were the result by the halfblood project. But some do NOT know the ART of breeding and promote inbreeding. This is not what you want!

Guess you want something pretty right? Something that is healthy and easy breeding, right,, again?

Some people complain about high death rate among chicks and poor egg-production up till zero, well that is what you get! My hens lay normal size eggs. Easy to hatch with strong chicks.

This is my advice of the day....some will take it and succeed others learn the hard way.

I will never let go of my halfbloods. But, i will keep mating pure Malay Serama on halfbloods. I will never get bored with color as through my project i still get all colors like before with the American Serama 2010.

Example of the Cuckoo-project

The %%%% doesn't say it all, type does...same goes for pure Malay,,some look like rubbish. However pure Malay is needed to improve and halfbloods are needed to expand the gene pool and color.
The higher the % from a HB serama, the more this bird is related to pure bred.

A fine breeder will figure out how to make the right pairs and breeding excellent Serama.
Have a nice day.

donderdag 16 juli 2015

Pictures of our event July 5th @ Moere

I will be adding some more pictures now and than.

Here the winning birds "Best of Best" in the contest "Performance".

Best rooster in show BOB
Owner Rick Hendriks. Congratulation to Rick.

Best hen in show BOB & best score.
Owner and breeder: Jean Vereecke. Congratulation Jean. Well done.

Following picture with permission of Yannick Tison. (Thank you)

Bird of Jean Vereecke

Random pictures of out event

Random views while judging

Bird of Carine Leclercq

Birds of Jean Vereecke

Bird of Wim Vervloet. Congratulation

Following pictures with permission of Yannick Tison. (Thank you)

Bird of Wim Vervloet

Bird of Hendrik Van Maurik

Bird of Yannick Tison

Bird of Rick Hendriks

Bird from another clubmember

Most extreme bird at the show: KONG

Breeder Hendrik Van Maurik & owner Jean Vereecke

Congratulation to all participants