woensdag 28 november 2012

Halfbloods versus American serama

From the halfbloodproject 2012 and Cuckoo americans.......
Two month old chicks All born on September 7th 2012

This is an nice example from my serama project 2012 to show you. The three dark ones are ordinary American serama. The lighter ones are the improved birds called halfbloods. American (EU) serama x Malay serama. All these chicks are only two months old.
You can see that the halfbloods are smaller in size. They have a better attitude and have inherited a natural S shape from the Malay parent. No encouragement is needed here to make them look nice!
The S shape is totally absent for the american ones. The only way to make those Kapan-serama look nice is to push, squeeze and modeling the bird untill the bird has made it for the right pose which it will hold for a couple of seconds only....and when trained enough! Different from the true serama which will walk with grace. Keep it's breast up sometimes so high you might think the bird will tip over. A serama must have an upright body. The birds has long thights and legs. Tail must be at two a clock. A natural S-shape. Most people think they have to breed for short backs which is partly true. Most important is the natural S-shape. A good bird with S-shape will need that place in her/his back to roll over it's neck and head there.

Breeding the Malay serama are giving so much satisfaction and almost instant result in most cases! It's such a joy working with these birds. Ofcourse there are breeders who prefer the American serama which is almost a breed on it's own. Only some good breeders know the art of breeding them. Unfortunately there are too many breeders who breed them for pet-birds only and not care what those birds looks are. A fine birds has the looks + great character.

There is a saying: world smallest chicken? Is it? The vid below wil show you different. The smallest chicken is the serama, the real ones only. You will notice that the halfblood chicks are smaller sized then the dark ones. They are so much smaller because they inherited 50% genes of the true breed parent. See for yourself.

Recording Nov. 28th 2012

Regards from Belgium

donderdag 22 november 2012

Malaysian girl born in Belgium

What can i say?
It's a passion and i'm a sucker for the real thing.
Who on earth is drinking wine which is diluted with water? Do you?
For me the pure stuff. Probably for you the same? And what if it comes upto serama?
Let's GO for it!

From the parents Daikiri & Jack the ripper.
Kirijac Born on July 7th 2012

Kirijac showing off


woensdag 14 november 2012

Follow us on Facebook!

Hi everybody,
Thought it was time to start a new group on facebook as the Malay serama genes are a fact for europe.....and spreading soon all over continent!

Go to facebook, Ayam serama Europ

Please post your pictures and comments.

Welcome to all breeders of the Ayam Serama we look forward to meet you.

vrijdag 9 november 2012

The 2012 Serama half-blood project

Hi dear ayam serama breeders in and outside europ.
The year 2012 is almost coming to an end.
From the past breeding season I gladly share some pictures with you of the half-blood project. Half-blood stands for European hens mated to Malaysian Serama roosters. This project is a set up to avoid inbreed by creating sidelines. These sideline might be used in time onto our pure Malaysian bred project. We try everything to prevent us from breeding into a dead end.
It took me some time to select european hens who does not pass on much of their type. But mostly passing on the roosters genes. I selected some small and elegant type birds with longer legs. Some of these hens are kinda upright by nature. Then it was a search for the right match. Which hen + which rooster gives the best results(offspring) All of a sudden we had a few amazing hits! These are a few examples of the results.

Following comes from my split silky but smooth feathered hen (Kelly) european "serama".
and "Jack the Ripper" Ayam Serama.
A portfolio from one son of Kelly and JTR.
From another combination Chantilla (who looks more related to Ayam Kapan then serama)and Durando we got very surprising offspring.

Durando (Ayam Serama)
Their offspring. Most siblings are more or less simular.

................................Do you feel the urge for breeding the real breed.
Join the Belgian seramaclub.

The Belgian seramaclub is a group of people who are breeding with accurate breed, Malaysian Serama!

maandag 3 september 2012

Malaysian Serama, the one and only!

I proudly present our Malaysian serama rooster. He got named Jack the Ripper (JTR) called after his beavior.
He is not romantic of a kind at all. When he see or hear a girl in his surroundings he is persistent to get her. It's so easy to breed this bird as i can mate him with a bigger number of girls.Just have to mate them one by one. They get instanly .....you know what i mean ;-) Here a few of his offspring who takes after their fathers image.

First, a 6 week old cockerel

Second, a 9 week old pullet

Thanks for watching John :)

donderdag 9 augustus 2012


Since I returned from the U.S. i've been breeding Serama at full swing. Also in addition to improving European animals i bred european serama x malaysian serama. At present, already a lot of chicks are born.
Many chicks are spread among our members already. Your future generation chicks can improve into this... Our intentions are to help other breeders in europe and together develop Malaysian standards birds. We will help you if you are a registered member of the Belgian Serama club. What should you do? Register via our website In case this link is not working for you, go to www.seramaclub.be Once you are registered you will be notified when birds are available.
When your joining our serama tabletop competitions you might recieve a very nice price ;-)
We are pleased to welcome all Serama breeders who like the real and original Serama breed.


donderdag 19 juli 2012

Malaysian serama chicks in Belgium

This is how it should be done.Breed and select for long thighs and legs. Just like the True breed Serama chick in the picture. In the pic is a fresh born Serama chick bred from Malaysian type birds. I would suggest that all european serama breeders should breed and select for this feature. Also breed for slim and upright bodies.
In this picture one can see how slim the bodystructure of this birds really is. The body is placed on top of the legs, not hanging between te legs like it appears compairing to birds in the US and EU.
Below a compairance between a Serama and a so called serama like birds are in the US and EU. Left bird in the picture was photographed by myself in Malaysia. Bird on the left was photographed by myself in the USA. Malaysia April 2012 and 3 weeks later i was in the USA. I mention this for not confusing people who might think that there are ages of breeding differece in between these 2 pictures.
Thanks to my Malaysian and US friends who are so helpfull doing all this research. Thank you, Terima Kasih.

zondag 15 juli 2012

Serama in Belgium

Here is one of our young chicks we followed over the past months. He is called "Little Dato".
This guy is very vey macho for a cockerel.
We are even more delighted to know that this little Rooster is fertile too. And is become a daddy already.
We cross are fingers that many chicks may follow in the future.

zaterdag 7 april 2012

Happy Easter everyone

This is a time of eggs and chickens. And ofcourse Chocolade! For that reason i could not resist posting this picture.

At the same time i'll make an update for the young rooster in prevvious picture post. This chick has a great head pull and even at it's young age he has become a real casanova :)

Enjoy your holidays.

vrijdag 9 maart 2012

Belgian serama

This is a historical moment as this is pure serama breed in Belgium. The efforts has been rewarding to achieve our goal. See our Belgian proud of exceptional type in serama.

Eindelijk lijkt ons doel in zicht en kunnen we met trots zeggen dat de eerste pure serama in België werd gezien. Wie weet kunnen we de vlaamse leeuw vervangen door een serama, een echte dan!
Nu is het ons doel dit type dieren zoveel mogelijk te produceren zodat de bastaardkriel die in europa onder de naam serama te vinden is verdwijnen gaat! Dit, om plaats maken voor de echte serama.

woensdag 15 februari 2012

Serama is a breed in it's pure shape not a bird grown in a torture box!

How easy it is to send some stories into the world, the crazier the more it starts. The funny thing about these stories is the fact that no further thought is concidered if the story is accurate and true?

It's no different for the Serama.

Stories circulate that the extreme birds were then raised in such torture boxes as below....is it???

Honestly, even with half a brain we should know that an animal can not grow in such conditions. Many breeders I visited during my Serama study tours through Malaysia and it is complete nonsens to think that breeders can!
This so called "torture box" is nothing more than a transportbox. It is nothing but a carrier for the Serama, just as we have such designed for dogs and cats.

The serama gets placed into the box to be carried for transportation. For example when joining a competition.

These boxen are in most cases hand crafted by the local people of Malaysia....

....and it shows in the pictures how creatif they are!

Once on the spot a cage gets unfolded and installed with a food and beverage tray.

Next covered with a curtain to protect the birds against drafts and excitement.

The animal is removed from the transportbox and put in the cage. We could learn from our Malay friends, instead of judging them all because of ignorance! And accusing breeders of animal abuse? All because someone saw a bird taking out of a box and jumped to conclusions!
All in all these birds suffered less stress then anywhere else on shows as immediately after the competition which takes only a half a day. Later they return home to be put in their familiar pen.

Animals at exhibitions within EU/US must often endure a weekend or longer on a tiny space. And thereby experience the stress of all the prying eyes from all the people passing by. Not mentioning annoying children, right?
Last but not least...for ethical responsibility to speak??

And that the animals look like they are going to flaunt extreme is purely because they just have the characteristics of a true Serama and show off with their stunning pride.
Animals in the U.S. and EU do not show these characteristics .... simple ... because they are no true Serama but kapan.
An apple will never be a peer and vice versa.

The most ridiculous statement came from poultry judges who claims that the breeding of such extreme Serama would not ethically justified within the EU/US. Really, can you believe that crap? These are the same people who wrote the European standard.

Have these people ever seen a real Serama in person? Or ever holding one in their bare hands?
NO, they did not!
How can they judge a bird they never seen? Or even better, how were they able to work out a standard?

Have they ever actually done research work?
NO! ... All info is based on the imported hybrid swarm found in the EU and U.S. which is wrongly named Serama.
In the US they are calling the breed american serama as the breed does not fit the discription of the real Serama.
In europ judges never gave it a second thought about the imported Serama and a standard was written in that assumption ... everything is bases bit and pieces, further conclusions came from judging pictures found on the internet.
However, nobody has even done the slightest bit retrieval and research?

And so was the story born as they concluded the animals here in the EU / U.S. are less extreme because they do not grow up in transport boxes. What an intelligent club!?

The Serama can show off like no other and has nothing to do with the extreme. What about ethical relevance in the category of fantail doves that are just as "extreme or even worse" like the pure Serama? To me these are just a breed like any other!

This is a real champion!!!

The same bird in relaxed behavior in search of some goodies.

The necessary evidence is given about the how and what. Lets hope judges will learn from someone who took the time and effort doing proper research. And those who feel the urge to stall out some nonsense honor to yourself when you do. Please inform yourselfs before sending out the most ridiculous stories. Such stories show just how unproffesional judges are who claim to know the breed!
Do you still think the Serama looks to extreme? Nobody forces you to breed it... everyone should have such a choice to decide for themselves.

The average Serama should look like example below!

And so "Best of the best" at the Melaka competition Dec 2011
Again the same bird seen in the used pics and vid, now in full action!

For all info about the real serama www.seramaclub.be
Or mail: john@seramaclub.be

vrijdag 3 februari 2012

Serama is een ras, geen kip uit de marteldoos.

Wat is het gemakkelijk wilde verhalen de wereld in te sturen, hoe gekker des te meer het aanslaat. Het grappige ervan is dat weinigen niet verder nadenken of het verhaal wel klopt?

Het is niet anders met de Serama.

De extremen zouden vervolgens opgegroeid zijn in marteldozen zoals onderstaande....

AUB, met een beetje verstand moet men weten dat een dier niet kan opgroeien in dergelijke omstandigheden. Talloze fokkers heb ik bezocht tijdens mijn studiereizen naar serama doorheen Maleisië en het is klinkklare onzin te denken dat seramafokkers zoiets doen!
Deze zogenaamde "marteldoos" is niets meer dan een transportbox. Het is niets anders dan een transportbox voor de serama, net zoals we deze voor honden en katten hebben.

De serama wordt in de box geplaatst om bv. deel te nemen aan een competitie.

Deze boxen zijn meestal handmatig gemaakt ....

....en vaak heel inventief!

Eenmaal ter plaatse wordt een kooi ontvouwen en voorzien van een voer- en drinkbakje.

Dan gaat er zelfs een gordijntje om de kooi om ze van tocht en opwinding te vrijwaren.

Het dier wordt uit de box gehaald en in de kooi gezet. Daar kan men hier op tentoonstellingen nog eens een voorbeeld aan nemen i.p.v. commentaar te leveren. Daarbij heeft het dier nog eens minder stress geleden omdat het na de competitie meteen terug thuis in z'n vertrouwde hok worden gezet.

Dieren op tentoonstellingen moeten vaak een heel weekend of langer op een veel te kleine ruimte doorbrengen. En daarbij de stress ervaren van al het bekijks, rakeling voorbijlopende mensen en vervelende kinderen, toch?
En maar over etisch verantwoord spreken???

En dat de dieren er extreem uitzien als ze gaan pronken is louter omdat ze net de kenmerken van een echte serama hebben en tonen.
Dieren in de US en EU tonen deze kenmerken niet ....simpel...omdat het geen rasechte serama zijn. Een appel zal nooit een peer zijn en omgekeerd.

De belachelijkste uitspraak is wanneer keurmeesters beweren dat het houden van extreme serama zoals in Maleisië etisch niet verantwoord is. Het zijn diezelfde mensen die over de europese standaard gingen.
Hebben die mensen ooit een echte serama gezien in levende lijve of er ooit één in handen gehad? NEE! ...Hoe kan men dan vakkundig een serama keuren of beter nog, een standaard opstellen van een dier die ze nooit zagen? Hebben ze ooit degelijk opzoekwerk gedaan? NEE!...Alle info is gebaseerd op de geimporteerde bastaardkrielen die men in de EU en US serama noemt. Men dacht Serama te hebben geimporteerd en heeft in die veronderstelling een standaard geschreven... verder heeft men conclusies getrokken omtrend de foto's van het internet.

Doch, niemand heeft het ras opgezocht of onderzoek naar verricht? Wat een intelligent clubje!?
En zo verhalen de wereld in sturen dat de dieren hier in de EU/US minder extreem zijn omdat ze niet in transport-boxen opgegroeien.
De serama kan pronken als geen ander en heeft niets met extreem te maken. In de categorie duiven heeft men de pauwstaart die net zo "extreem of erger" kan pronken en daar kraait geen haan naar!

Dit is een kampioen!!!

Dit is hetzelfde dier in ontspannen toestand op zoek naar iets lekkers.

Hiermee is het nodige bewijs geleverd wat een serama is, zodoende keurmeesters de kans te geven iets bij te leren. Houdt de eer aan u zelf wanneer u de drang voelt op komen om onzin uit te kramen. Informeer eerst vooralleer belachelijke verhaaltjes rond te strooien. Dergelijke verhalen geven enkel aan hoe onproffesioneel keurmeesters zijn die beweren het ras te kennen!

En vindt u de Serama extreem? Niemand dwingt u deze te fokken...iedereen dient over dergelijke keuze voor zichzelf te beslissen.

De gemiddelde Serama hoort er qua type zo uit te zien zoals voorbeeld onder!

En hier de dan "Best of the best" van de Melaka competitie Dec 2011
Nogmaals het dier van de foto maar dan in volle actie.

Voor alle info over de echte serama kunt u terecht bij www.seramaclub.be
Of mail: john@seramaclub.be