woensdag 20 maart 2013

Cockerels for sale

Hi folks,

I finally got cockerels for sale from the halfblood project. They are from first and second generation (american x malay serama). No birds get shipped via mail. Want them? Please take the effort to make an appointment to pick them up.
There are a very few pullets for sale too. Very limited!! No reservations possible!
In case your interested and wanna come over, i might keep some hatching eggs a side when available. Do not wait untill it's to late!
First come-First served.

Email: john_benoot@hotmail.com

zaterdag 9 maart 2013

Serama contest Sunday March 10th

Every body welcome to join our first Serama contest 2013

There will be eggs and birds available for all visitors. Several birds are from the halfblood project. Want them? Be there!
Best regards

zondag 3 maart 2013

Iserama II more used to the artificial grass carpet

Recent insinuations were made that i stitch my birds together? Sure i buy pieces of chicken at the grocery store, do some stitching and just create my own serama. I'm an excellent surgeon!! I must be Mr Hyde!?
OMG Frankenstein Serama!. LOL.....but then you have those people who believe all such crap. Anyway, even a brainless chicken would know better!
No just kidding...or werent i ?haha.

OK serious now...for those who are really into serama or wanting to get there.
I show you Iserama II again. I took him a few times more on the plastic carpet to make him getting used to it. You will see not loosing his balance or taking weird steps.

Unfortunately a wry tail on this bird. A wry tail could corrected with a little surgery. I've seen it on my trips through Malaysia. I could have stiched it to be fixed but i just don't. Neither do i cull the bird for it.

You can cut the tail feathers down to prevent it from getting wors all so in the beginning when the tail start to bend over. In fact it's better to correct the tail like they do in MY. Why? If not the pelvis might twist too. When this happens there is no way back anymore and the bird stays handicapped for life. There we are at a dilemma and need to ask ourselfs,"what is more cruel?". Hurt the bird for a day and having and prevent it from a horrible life. Or just doing nothing! And let nature go it's own cause?

The sadest thing was that a person who claims to be one of the first serama breeders in the UK spread the story about birds who get boxed up to let them grow in some kind of schape........no bird would bare such a life and the story was just invented from people who have a twisted mind. As there is no such thing! Take it from someone who did research on the breed.

What is animal cruelty? I would think it's inbreeding.

I also understand that people inbreed for getting to a certain standard. And i think when it's done with certain knowlegde a fine bird might come out as result. However i've seen birds by inbred, inbred, inbred..........i call that cruelty!

I suggest you to get the right breed to work with instead of creating a Frankenstein bird. My bird in the vid comes from a first generation european kapan x Serama. No need for generations of inbreeding. Some breeders complain not been able to replicated their good type birds. The answer lays right here. They should start with the right breed!

Have fun and enjoy your hobby ;-)