zondag 14 september 2014

Wise words

OK,dear diary another story i need to write you about.
One way or another it's kinda hilarious too :)

We got approched from a couple who were interested in some birds. They seemed overly friendly and seemingly full of good intentions. Among the days, weeks passed by they came with a sad story that they had no friends. How can this possibly be ???
Poor people! We felt so sorry for them.

They also offered help with my breeding project. They promised that they would exchange birds back and forth with me, when i provide them breeding birds, which i did
Should have known better. LOL

In the end it was just an attempt to take over my place within the seramaclub and getting birds for free....
Their plot to remove me from my seat within the board failed. But in the meanwhile they achieved to build an entire flock with my birds acquired by misleading handling and abuse of confidence .

Recently they pressed charges against me about our Seramaclub-newsletter for the part where it goes about the new ruling for "Best of Best". They felt been marked? Huh, what???
Guess somebody is suffering a bad conscience and i also guess it's just an attempt for silencing me up about their act.

They should know that they have gone too far! And it was certainly not a smart move.
Some members/friends who are aware about their intrigues provided me their emails and text messages (the content regarded "lies and plots" which could come from some other ridiculous soap series)

These people think they can steel and fraud without no shame. A thief is a thief and there is no other excuse for those who take birds and money. She better gets a job and spend her day working to keep her mind of the vicious & twisted plans.

Those files were handed over to the police during the hearing. For the officer it was overly clear what kind of people we're dealing with.

These people think they can steel and fraud without no shame.

There are many Seramalovers and among them very nice people and very sincere friends. Unfortunately we'll might bump into a serama-taliban member once in a while. Sad that among some of the so called "friends" must be considered as "intimate enemies".
The only question that keep spinning my mind: Those full of envy what kept them from doing what i have done for the breed?

Either way, too bad this has happened. The key is that the breed get's continued and distributed.

Now comes the hilarious part:

Somebody said, hey John, next time someone tells you they have no friends you will at least know "why"!

Those last words comes from friends from who i always can relay & depend on for many years. TQ

vrijdag 5 september 2014

Breeding Roosters for 2014

From the halfblood project

Blaster 75%

Yoko's Shadow 75%

Iserama II 50%

Soldier 75%


Jeopard 50%

Yoripp 75%

Storm 75%

Durassi Malay pure bred

Following are all the malay roosters
Tornado Malay pure bred

Gremlin Malay pure bred

Little Nizam Malay pure bred

Jetstar Malay pure bred

RC Malay pure bred

Rosman Malay pure bred

Thriller Malay pure bred

Mogwai Malay pure bred

woensdag 3 september 2014

Shipped to the Seychelles‏

Malay rooster: Named Baier

Gremlin daughter 75%: B Class

Yoripp daughter 75%: A Class

Iserama I hen 50%: B Class

Black hen 62.5% daughter from Yoko's Shadow

Black rooster 81% Son of Tornado
RIP did not make it.