maandag 16 februari 2015

Black breeding + attitude

This is a daughter of Yoko's Shadow x black JTR daughters.
The offspring is 75%
Name: Yoshadokigi

donderdag 12 februari 2015

Serama eggs

Dear Serama-breeders.

Spring is heading our way. And very soon the egg-production will emerge for all Serama.

I selected the nicest birds from the 2014 Malay breeding project. All these birds have matured and ready for 2015 breeding.

At this point my birds are kept in outdoor pens there is NO egg-production during the winter.
Especially when it keeps freezing the fertility drops for all roosters.

Eggs will be shipped off whenever i'm sure that they are fertile enough and viable for hatching. All eggs will be from my pure bred Malay Serama.
However, this will not happen before the end of Marsh,,, also depending from the outdoor temperatures. For that to reach temps need to steady and around 12C°.

The best period for shipments are between April & September.
On the continent,, no problem but only at your responsibility when you are to far off and packages get delayed or lost.
The best results for hatching eggs is when you pick them up yourself and travel.
Thanks for your understanding.

Serama John
Happy breeding & Cheers

vrijdag 6 februari 2015

Result from the halfblood project 2013-2014

This hen is offspring to ( Kid x pure bred little Dato daughter)
Born 2013: Malay genetics 75%
She has great tremor like never seen before.


Pullet below is offspring to ( Thriller x IseramaI daughter)
Born 2014: Malay genetics 75%
She has an amazing attitude and performing without any encouragement.

Name: Thrilisé

The rooster is offspring to (Little Lebai x Jack the Ripper daughter)
Born 2013: Malay genetics 75%
Great performer and attitude.

Name: Commander

In the above picture Commander with Thrilis√© in the back. Both outside on a sunny winter afternoon at 2C°.

I will never get rid of my halfbloods as they will be very important to continiue the Malay project in the future. They provide fresh genepools and most of my extremer types come from halfblood birds. It's just a matter of making good pairs and a keen eye for breeding.

Thanks for reading