woensdag 20 februari 2013

Iserama II

Here a photoshoot and video of Iserama II
Result of the halfblood project 2012 Belgium. Son of Durando

I also made this little vid. It was his first time on the green carpet and felt something insecure.

zondag 10 februari 2013

Chadu & Iserama I : from the halfblood project 2012

Update on daughter and son of Chantilla and Durando.


Our little Chadu is laying eggs. It's hard to believe that these little creatures can produce size eggs from which one thinks,IMPOSSIBLE!

Iserama I

The girls in front of the little rooster are JTR offspring

Some advice when selecting birds!:

-UPRIGHT (vertical position)
-LONG THIGHS and SHANKS (legs: upper and under)
-GOOD WINGDROP (straight down and more forward)
-TAIL at 2 a clock!
- Average back lenght will do fine when birds having the above features.

No use to breed for short backs only as that feature is not enough to make it a serama. It's more important to select birds who have long legs , head pull and who keep their bodies upright. In fact they have kinda simular features which can be compared to the Ko Shamo.
The natural performance in Serama breed is a must! Serama like to show off! They walk on their tippy toes and oft march like a soldier. Because of their head pull they create a nice S-shaped silhouet. The bird seems like courting and pushes the head back into their saddle. This is what they our Malaysian friends call "SELAM"! See picture below which was taken while doing research for the Serama althrough Malaysia on one of my journeys in 2012. Where i visited the finest breeders.

A bird with head pull or SELAM has the tip of the beak pointed down. When you see a bird with it's beak pointing steep up, the bird has been trained by the owner hand not only to stay at place but also forced the bird into a unnatural head pull which is not the shape of it's own. It's only a fake S-shape! Pushing a bird into some sort of position does not make it a serama!

Asian birds are trained in a different way. Birds get place on the table within a fenced circle. Judges never touch the birds at competitions. For that reason Serama require training to stay on the talble!
See examples of asian Serama training below.

The judge assistant places the bird on the table an then it has to perform by itself. No modeling or sculpting by someone hand is taking place during the time of judging! Look for previous posts on my blog to see pictures, CLICK HERE.

zondag 3 februari 2013

Photoshoot of JTR kid and niece

This boy has still kapan features but improved already a lot towards serama. He inherited the malay serama attitude. He has a strong headpull what our malay friends call, SELAM!

Another true serama feature is the trembling neck movements. Also the long legs are an improvement!
The bird is not trained in any way...this bird performing is completely natural, no modeling or fussing! For that reason i took a picture in his pen surrounded with his girls.

Also this girl who is related to the above boy. They have the same father and their mothers are from the same family tree.

Both birds are a result of the halfbloodproject 2012. Hope you like them?