woensdag 28 november 2012

Halfbloods versus American serama

From the halfbloodproject 2012 and Cuckoo americans.......
Two month old chicks All born on September 7th 2012

This is an nice example from my serama project 2012 to show you. The three dark ones are ordinary American serama. The lighter ones are the improved birds called halfbloods. American (EU) serama x Malay serama. All these chicks are only two months old.
You can see that the halfbloods are smaller in size. They have a better attitude and have inherited a natural S shape from the Malay parent. No encouragement is needed here to make them look nice!
The S shape is totally absent for the american ones. The only way to make those Kapan-serama look nice is to push, squeeze and modeling the bird untill the bird has made it for the right pose which it will hold for a couple of seconds only....and when trained enough! Different from the true serama which will walk with grace. Keep it's breast up sometimes so high you might think the bird will tip over. A serama must have an upright body. The birds has long thights and legs. Tail must be at two a clock. A natural S-shape. Most people think they have to breed for short backs which is partly true. Most important is the natural S-shape. A good bird with S-shape will need that place in her/his back to roll over it's neck and head there.

Breeding the Malay serama are giving so much satisfaction and almost instant result in most cases! It's such a joy working with these birds. Ofcourse there are breeders who prefer the American serama which is almost a breed on it's own. Only some good breeders know the art of breeding them. Unfortunately there are too many breeders who breed them for pet-birds only and not care what those birds looks are. A fine birds has the looks + great character.

There is a saying: world smallest chicken? Is it? The vid below wil show you different. The smallest chicken is the serama, the real ones only. You will notice that the halfblood chicks are smaller sized then the dark ones. They are so much smaller because they inherited 50% genes of the true breed parent. See for yourself.

Recording Nov. 28th 2012

Regards from Belgium

donderdag 22 november 2012

Malaysian girl born in Belgium

What can i say?
It's a passion and i'm a sucker for the real thing.
Who on earth is drinking wine which is diluted with water? Do you?
For me the pure stuff. Probably for you the same? And what if it comes upto serama?
Let's GO for it!

From the parents Daikiri & Jack the ripper.
Kirijac Born on July 7th 2012

Kirijac showing off


woensdag 14 november 2012

Follow us on Facebook!

Hi everybody,
Thought it was time to start a new group on facebook as the Malay serama genes are a fact for europe.....and spreading soon all over continent!

Go to facebook, Ayam serama Europ

Please post your pictures and comments.

Welcome to all breeders of the Ayam Serama we look forward to meet you.

vrijdag 9 november 2012

The 2012 Serama half-blood project

Hi dear ayam serama breeders in and outside europ.
The year 2012 is almost coming to an end.
From the past breeding season I gladly share some pictures with you of the half-blood project. Half-blood stands for European hens mated to Malaysian Serama roosters. This project is a set up to avoid inbreed by creating sidelines. These sideline might be used in time onto our pure Malaysian bred project. We try everything to prevent us from breeding into a dead end.
It took me some time to select european hens who does not pass on much of their type. But mostly passing on the roosters genes. I selected some small and elegant type birds with longer legs. Some of these hens are kinda upright by nature. Then it was a search for the right match. Which hen + which rooster gives the best results(offspring) All of a sudden we had a few amazing hits! These are a few examples of the results.

Following comes from my split silky but smooth feathered hen (Kelly) european "serama".
and "Jack the Ripper" Ayam Serama.
A portfolio from one son of Kelly and JTR.
From another combination Chantilla (who looks more related to Ayam Kapan then serama)and Durando we got very surprising offspring.

Durando (Ayam Serama)
Their offspring. Most siblings are more or less simular.

................................Do you feel the urge for breeding the real breed.
Join the Belgian seramaclub.

The Belgian seramaclub is a group of people who are breeding with accurate breed, Malaysian Serama!