zondag 8 september 2013

Seramakeuring in Nederland 6 Oktober

Serama Forum Netherlands organises on the 6th of October 2013 a Serama meeting.
From 11am until 3pm you're invited to talk about Serama, watch Serama, meet people from all over Europe, and off course to buy Serama from well know breeders.
You can also bring your own Serama to the show. There will be 2 judges available. Maximum 3 animals.
Please send an email for participation before the 30th September to serama@caiway.net .
There are nice prices to win!

Please bring your own cage. The show will be held like it's done in Malaysia. So no show cages available. If you bring your Serama, please come in time. The judging starts at 11:30.

Entree = 2 euro. (Children until 12 are free)
Serama judging is 4 euro (for 1, 2 or 3 animals)

The address is:
Sporthal De Vlijt
Sportlaan 2
2435 WP Zevenhoven
The Netherlands

dinsdag 23 juli 2013

Iserama Wanita

Daughter of Iserama I

Here 'Iserama Wanita' one of the 'Iserama I' daughters.

If there is something i don't like is to put a bird in pose. A true serama goes autoposing. And that is the kind of bird i like to breed. Even the halfbloods start to have that feature more and more.

The Malay genetics rock :)

vrijdag 12 juli 2013

Update on little Dato

My Malay Roo "Little Dato".

Some of his offspring has been spread. Good luck to all!

vrijdag 21 juni 2013

New Malay Cockerel

Here is our newly Malay serama member Thriller.
This boy is autoposing a lot and with aging it only gets more. Can't wait breeding more of these attitude dudes.

The white girl named Sita is a 50% halfblood. She is the result of a 50% x 50% match. Father is Sito mated to a Little Nizam daughter.

Sita our run away beauty

The halfblood birds are fairly smaller than their european ancestors. They are getting more and more malay features. Long legs, tiny bodies, stance, long necks and headpull.
I'll swap all the jap"O"ramas for Malay and halfblood birds F1, F2, F3.

By now shared a lot of birds and they've spreading like fire all over europe. I see breeders who are making a tremendous progress according Malay type breeding.
Malay birds conquer every serama lovers heart. Even those who claimed once these Malay birds were to extreme. Once they see them for real, they fall absolutely in love.
Still enough hearts to conquer :)

I wish them good luck and happy breeding.

maandag 17 juni 2013

Seramaclub Belgium at the "Beestig Vlissegem" event.

Saturday 15th we (Seramaclub Belgium) participated at the even at Vlissegem. This event was organized by the petclub Angora Bruges.

donderdag 13 juni 2013

Serama tailbone support...how to do?

Several breeders asked me to make a post about my methode for tail correction on Serama. I took the time for taking pictures as manual for a step by step procedure.
Here is how to get a wry tail straight. No cutting or surgery needed. Just an ordinary support will do!

What means orthopedic? Here is the definition:
The branch of medicine that deals with the prevention or correction of injuries or disorders of the skeletal system and associated muscles, joints, and ligaments.

Same can be used for animals. In case of a wry tail on serama this orthopedic support will prevent the bird from wors as an untreated tail might turn into a twisted pelvis.
I will explain with pictures step by step.
In the first picture a bird who's tail is bending over to one side. In most cases this is simply due weak tailbone muscles at early age.

This is what we need: flexible Electric wiring and a cutting plier. The gauge of the wire.

To make the procedure visual i used a dead chicken.
Here we go!
Bend the start of the wire into a curve in a larger diameter the base of the tail.

Then proceed by making a full turn. Warning:do not make it to tight neither to loose!It needs to stick at the tail base. But do not obstruct the bloodflow!!
Proceed making a second turn.

Make it at least 2 full rings as it needs to spread open later.

Next, cut the wire.

OK, the wiring is finished.

Now we need to spread the rings open on the side of the tail which is pinching. We open the ring in order to push the tail to the opposite side untill the tail is standing straight up again.

Lets see how this detail looks on a live bird.

This is the wanted result!

It might happen that you might adjust this procedure the next day as the bird will arrange it's feathers and the support might loosen up a little.
Also check the tail skin for unnatural colouring. In that case it is obvious that the support was made to tight.
Remove and repeat the next day.

The support has to stay put untill the tail muscles are strong enough to hold the tail up by itself. Check every 2 weeks for for birds younger then 2 months and every 4 weeks for birds older then 2 months, this as long as needed!

Thanks for watching and happy tailing :)

zaterdag 8 juni 2013

Serama contest 7 Juli 2013

Beste serama liefhebber
Het is met veel plezier dat wij de leden van onze cluben en bezoekers uitnodigen op de internationale Serama keuring van 2013. Iedereen is welkom!

Deze gaat door op zondag 07 Juli 2013 vanaf 10u. tot 14.00u

Hou deze datum alvast vrij in jullie agenda!

Molenstraat 23 8470 Moere (Gistel) Plan Route
Inschrijving dieren voor keuring (max. 5 dieren per persoon) :
Leden: 5€
Niet-leden: 10€

Bezoekers van het evenement (prijs per persoon):
Leden: gratis
Niet-leden: 2,50 €

Aangezien we gaan voor Malaysian style vragen we onze de deelnemers om kooien of benches mee te brengen.

Er zullen ook dieren en eieren te koop aangeboden worden.
Wij bieden ter plaatse enkele lunchmogelijkheden aan zoals frietjes met frikadellen voor een democratiese prijs dan als ook croc ui het vuistje met verschillende sausjes naar keuze gelieve dan ook tijdig de warme maaltijd te reserveren .
Gelieve een seintje te geven vóór 07/07/2013 via folkert@seramaclub.be of u al dan niet aanwezig kan zijn.
Wij hopen op een gezellige bijeenkomst en dat wij jullie allen mogen verwelkomen!

Vriendelijke groet,

Renzi, John, Folkert, Vicky & Jean

dinsdag 4 juni 2013

F2 Cockerel nephew to Kid.

This 3 month old cockerel has 75% Malay genetics from 2 genarations breeding {(European x Malay) x Malay} Body structure is yet totally Malay. No instant headpull yet, but he will start very soon. His long neck will make it able to pull his head way back as soon he gets mature. Very soon this bird will be showing off by autoposing just like a pure bred Ayam Serama.

This bird has long legs, long neck. A fine and tiny body structure. Very upright.
And a forward carry on wingdrop.

Have fun breeding!

zondag 2 juni 2013

Little pullet Kid offspring

So far this season the halfbloods are spreading around europe and beyond. I see some breeders proceed with an amazing progress heading for that real thing, the Ayam Serama! Finally those typey birds who are so wanted by some breeders have made it. Yes indeed :)

I've seen visitors from many different countries and lots of my first generation birds are gone along with them.
The halfblood project is in a second and 3th stage now. F2 & F3 Birds.........

Here an good example of a F2 pullet. Malay genetics 75%. This is the result of a combo from Kid (a JTR son) and a daughter of little Dato.

Here a few snapshots.

Thanks to all my supporting friends out there.

vrijdag 19 april 2013

Jack the Ripper kid update

It's so much fun when a bird turns out like this and autoposing without any encouragement from anyone.
To bad most of the european breed is still missing that. Joined forces by fine breeders are trying to change this. More and more people get charmed by the malay features and persuades breeders for breeding the original type bird like it's seen in Malaysia. It's just a matter of time.

Thanks for all the support my friends.