zaterdag 31 oktober 2015

Malay Cuckoo - project

Recently someone said halfbloods seem like Chaborama's (Japorama's).
Maybe his birds only?
I have seen breeders who started off with halfbloods 50% and did miracles in a short time. Some can't even breed something decent from pure breds. No type, attitude, etc, etc..
Again some have the skills some never will.

It's takes patience to breed nice things. And the nicest offspring occurs by average looking breeding-birds.

Some people always see defects, they always complain, they are never satisfied, they will never grow as they can't see beauty, especially if it ain't theirs. All they feel is envy.
To those people i would like to say,"why don't you collect stamps"?
To all the genuine & nice people. Don't let them take you down!
The jealous ones only envy because there is something worth while YOU got.........

vrijdag 30 oktober 2015

The art of breeding (part II)

A bird with good proportions, short feathers, attitude and performance has no need for enhancement of any kind.

Simply breed and select for short feathered birds, slim bodies with long legs and short wings.