zondag 6 april 2014

Serama eggs....how i hatch them.

Hi ya'll

A little something on incubating serama eggs and why you have such poor results.

In the past i have had those smartpants who were consistent on telling me i was doing it all SO wrong. Even though i had better results unlike anyone else.

And this is why.
The setting for my incubator are 38C°

The setting for humidity are 70%. Starting from day one!

Once i hear them peeping and see eggs being pecked i add two more little water containers. Additional to the big one who was already in there.
Humidity is getting increased and is balancing between 80-90% when hatching.

Here is a little logic:

(1)What is the origine country of the Serama?....Malaysia indeed.
(2)What is the average temperature in Malaysia?....30C°-34C°
(3)What is the ambient humidity in Malaysia? ....which is various, but easely between 86% to almost 100%

Guess that explains a lot, right?

My incubator is a MS50 (in case you were wondering)

Good luck hatching :)

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