dinsdag 21 oktober 2014

2014 Offspring: Pullets only

The following pictures will illustrate the offspring produced within this past breeding season. Some are Pure breds and some from my project.

Rooster bred 2013, Pullet 87.5% bred early 2014. Yoripp x Little Lebai hen (Malay)

Almost black 81% pullet, Father Malay rooster: Mogwaï. Mother was a 50% blue hen.

Black 50% pullet, Father 50% halfblood called Jeopard. Mother 50% blue hen.

Baier offspring. Mother are 50% and from the Iserama bloodline (Twins)


This 75% hen comes from: (Malay) Thriller x Iserama bloodline

Same combination as previous: Thriller offspring

Thriller offspring.

62.5% Pullet from Soldier 75% x 50% Dato offspring

87.5% Pullet from Soldier75% x Pure bred Durando offspring

Following are pure bred birds, Jetstar offspring

Another sibling

Another sibling

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