zaterdag 20 juni 2015

We are at a point where we can tell the difference bewteen halfbloods and pure breds.

But most important of all, work together like a team! The ones who wants to be "THE BEST", will stay behind alone!
Some think showbirds are the best breeding-birds,, if you do, you got it wrong!

The best way for breeding nice birds is to share eggs, exchange breeding-birds with genuine colleague breeders.
Just make sure when exchanging breeding-birds that your birds might be considered lost. Not everyone is on the same page. They say whatever you wanna hear...from the moment they got what they want... they'll smash the door in your face!
I experienced it several times. But everything that doesn't kill you makes you stronger. It's all a learning process...And the challenge is only getting bigger.

I'm fortunate enough to be surrounded with a lot of genuine people "serama-breeders".
We don't envy each others birds...but...we enjoy each others birds.

Have a nice day...

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