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Serama is a breed in it's pure shape not a bird grown in a torture box!

How easy it is to send some stories into the world, the crazier the more it starts. The funny thing about these stories is the fact that no further thought is concidered if the story is accurate and true?

It's no different for the Serama.

Stories circulate that the extreme birds were then raised in such torture boxes as below....is it???

Honestly, even with half a brain we should know that an animal can not grow in such conditions. Many breeders I visited during my Serama study tours through Malaysia and it is complete nonsens to think that breeders can!
This so called "torture box" is nothing more than a transportbox. It is nothing but a carrier for the Serama, just as we have such designed for dogs and cats.

The serama gets placed into the box to be carried for transportation. For example when joining a competition.

These boxen are in most cases hand crafted by the local people of Malaysia....

....and it shows in the pictures how creatif they are!

Once on the spot a cage gets unfolded and installed with a food and beverage tray.

Next covered with a curtain to protect the birds against drafts and excitement.

The animal is removed from the transportbox and put in the cage. We could learn from our Malay friends, instead of judging them all because of ignorance! And accusing breeders of animal abuse? All because someone saw a bird taking out of a box and jumped to conclusions!
All in all these birds suffered less stress then anywhere else on shows as immediately after the competition which takes only a half a day. Later they return home to be put in their familiar pen.

Animals at exhibitions within EU/US must often endure a weekend or longer on a tiny space. And thereby experience the stress of all the prying eyes from all the people passing by. Not mentioning annoying children, right?
Last but not least...for ethical responsibility to speak??

And that the animals look like they are going to flaunt extreme is purely because they just have the characteristics of a true Serama and show off with their stunning pride.
Animals in the U.S. and EU do not show these characteristics .... simple ... because they are no true Serama but kapan.
An apple will never be a peer and vice versa.

The most ridiculous statement came from poultry judges who claims that the breeding of such extreme Serama would not ethically justified within the EU/US. Really, can you believe that crap? These are the same people who wrote the European standard.

Have these people ever seen a real Serama in person? Or ever holding one in their bare hands?
NO, they did not!
How can they judge a bird they never seen? Or even better, how were they able to work out a standard?

Have they ever actually done research work?
NO! ... All info is based on the imported hybrid swarm found in the EU and U.S. which is wrongly named Serama.
In the US they are calling the breed american serama as the breed does not fit the discription of the real Serama.
In europ judges never gave it a second thought about the imported Serama and a standard was written in that assumption ... everything is bases bit and pieces, further conclusions came from judging pictures found on the internet.
However, nobody has even done the slightest bit retrieval and research?

And so was the story born as they concluded the animals here in the EU / U.S. are less extreme because they do not grow up in transport boxes. What an intelligent club!?

The Serama can show off like no other and has nothing to do with the extreme. What about ethical relevance in the category of fantail doves that are just as "extreme or even worse" like the pure Serama? To me these are just a breed like any other!

This is a real champion!!!

The same bird in relaxed behavior in search of some goodies.

The necessary evidence is given about the how and what. Lets hope judges will learn from someone who took the time and effort doing proper research. And those who feel the urge to stall out some nonsense honor to yourself when you do. Please inform yourselfs before sending out the most ridiculous stories. Such stories show just how unproffesional judges are who claim to know the breed!
Do you still think the Serama looks to extreme? Nobody forces you to breed it... everyone should have such a choice to decide for themselves.

The average Serama should look like example below!

And so "Best of the best" at the Melaka competition Dec 2011
Again the same bird seen in the used pics and vid, now in full action!

For all info about the real serama www.seramaclub.be
Or mail: john@seramaclub.be

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