zondag 2 juni 2013

Little pullet Kid offspring

So far this season the halfbloods are spreading around europe and beyond. I see some breeders proceed with an amazing progress heading for that real thing, the Ayam Serama! Finally those typey birds who are so wanted by some breeders have made it. Yes indeed :)

I've seen visitors from many different countries and lots of my first generation birds are gone along with them.
The halfblood project is in a second and 3th stage now. F2 & F3 Birds.........

Here an good example of a F2 pullet. Malay genetics 75%. This is the result of a combo from Kid (a JTR son) and a daughter of little Dato.

Here a few snapshots.

Thanks to all my supporting friends out there.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. This is a very real and serious work John! Congratulations!
    Really see in FB wonderful pictures of generations of your birds, from many lovers of true Serama.

  2. Thank you Emil. With grace to the halfbloods european breeders will be able to achieve same kind birds ayam serama type! And for those who have pure breed will be able to continue breeding the pure Ayam serama and keeping from extinction in the future.
    Lets hope your birds mature in a good fertile way and you might start the same project in Bulgaria and help others breeders too in the near future.