vrijdag 21 juni 2013

New Malay Cockerel

Here is our newly Malay serama member Thriller.
This boy is autoposing a lot and with aging it only gets more. Can't wait breeding more of these attitude dudes.

The white girl named Sita is a 50% halfblood. She is the result of a 50% x 50% match. Father is Sito mated to a Little Nizam daughter.

Sita our run away beauty

The halfblood birds are fairly smaller than their european ancestors. They are getting more and more malay features. Long legs, tiny bodies, stance, long necks and headpull.
I'll swap all the jap"O"ramas for Malay and halfblood birds F1, F2, F3.

By now shared a lot of birds and they've spreading like fire all over europe. I see breeders who are making a tremendous progress according Malay type breeding.
Malay birds conquer every serama lovers heart. Even those who claimed once these Malay birds were to extreme. Once they see them for real, they fall absolutely in love.
Still enough hearts to conquer :)

I wish them good luck and happy breeding.

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