donderdag 16 juli 2015

Pictures of our event July 5th @ Moere

I will be adding some more pictures now and than.

Here the winning birds "Best of Best" in the contest "Performance".

Best rooster in show BOB
Owner Rick Hendriks. Congratulation to Rick.

Best hen in show BOB & best score.
Owner and breeder: Jean Vereecke. Congratulation Jean. Well done.

Following picture with permission of Yannick Tison. (Thank you)

Bird of Jean Vereecke

Random pictures of out event

Random views while judging

Bird of Carine Leclercq

Birds of Jean Vereecke

Bird of Wim Vervloet. Congratulation

Following pictures with permission of Yannick Tison. (Thank you)

Bird of Wim Vervloet

Bird of Hendrik Van Maurik

Bird of Yannick Tison

Bird of Rick Hendriks

Bird from another clubmember

Most extreme bird at the show: KONG

Breeder Hendrik Van Maurik & owner Jean Vereecke

Congratulation to all participants

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