vrijdag 31 juli 2015

Say NO to inbreeding!

Some of the nicest birds were the result by the halfblood project. But some do NOT know the ART of breeding and promote inbreeding. This is not what you want!

Guess you want something pretty right? Something that is healthy and easy breeding, right,, again?

Some people complain about high death rate among chicks and poor egg-production up till zero, well that is what you get! My hens lay normal size eggs. Easy to hatch with strong chicks.

This is my advice of the day....some will take it and succeed others learn the hard way.

I will never let go of my halfbloods. But, i will keep mating pure Malay Serama on halfbloods. I will never get bored with color as through my project i still get all colors like before with the American Serama 2010.

Example of the Cuckoo-project

The %%%% doesn't say it all, type does...same goes for pure Malay,,some look like rubbish. However pure Malay is needed to improve and halfbloods are needed to expand the gene pool and color.
The higher the % from a HB serama, the more this bird is related to pure bred.

A fine breeder will figure out how to make the right pairs and breeding excellent Serama.
Have a nice day.

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