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Kapan vs Serama (english version)

December 2011, my second trip to Malaysia in search of the truth about the so-called European Serama. Does the U.S. and Europe have Serama? Just as for the trip earlier in May-June 2011 the same info appeared. No Serama in the U.S. and Europe. With some reluctance speak the Malay people of our Kapan / Kate breed. They are relieved when I’m not surprised or shocked. Why should i? Even a child sees the difference and that’s why i am here in Malaysia to get confirmation to an already known answer. The Serama would already exist for a very long time and once only in the possession of high characters like royal circles. Speaking of the noble circles, and over time Serama seems to have come into the hands of the people. The Serama got named after a sort of aboriginal pygmy people "Srirama". The story resembles to a fairy tale legend. Yet it is increasingly clear that the race excists for a very long and no one can trace the exact origin. One thing is certain, our animals are no more than a Malay farmer bantam! But long no Serama ...
Too bad, we'd loved to have Serama!

It has been two years that Serama got my attention and ever since the urge of my quest to reveal about the genuineness and truth. What breeds made are our animals? Local Poultry Experts explain which genetics there are to find in our present races, an explanation to find a piece of the source for our birds:
These are Kapan & Kate bantams
The blocky body shapes and large combs, wattles comes from the Kapan. The longer (smaller) versions with shorter legs are due to Kate. Also has Kate smaller combs and wattles and can be found in varied range feather colours.

Shortly after my arrival in Malaysia have I found a fantastic family who owns a large seramafarm this on an hour's drive away from the big city Kuala Lumpur. The hospitality of these people knows no bounds and there I stayed for the rest of my journey. This was a dream come true to experience life on a seramafarm in Malaysia. Especially for someone like myself who shares such passion for the real Serama, it was an ultimate experience. Ten thousands of miles I put off seeing a chicken. Hilarious :-)
It was also there where i saw the Kapan which are held to hatch the serama eggs.

Photos of the Kapan breed

It was as clear as daylight when I saw these animals. The resemblance is so striking with the European birds. What a checkered unwieldy beasts! LOL
One morning I took the Kapan out of their pens and put them on the table. The animals are much more restless than Serama there was almost constant a cage needed to keep them at place while Serama just stays put. I had the intention of making a comparision of Serama and Kapan while having the chance. Had my hopes high making a clear picture for those outside of this beautiful country. Unfortunately, a picture is nothing compared to reality. Anyhow, still seems worth the effords forwarding the message with a photo.

Photos Kapan vs. Kapan

The hens
First Kapan comparison with a serama hen of lesser type. No easy task keeping this truculent bitches apart.

Next Kapan to Serama of a better type

Male birds

After few forums experiences further and some dastardly acts with fellow breeders richer, I am convinced about the jealousy among the Kapan-breeders themselves As for Europe and the U.S. ... all they want "the best Serama" and they really believe able to breed the elegant serama out of Kapan x kate.
My dear Malaysian friends smile and shaking their heads from side to right because they do not want to hurt or disappoint us. Comforting they say, maybe it might happen one day. ... and then add to it, "try it with new animals from here."

I traveled with the family heading to Teregganu where we visited several remarkable breeders which had stunning birds. Each one a delight to the eye. And see this real pure serama chick ... what a pride! The S-shape is already very clear to see in this chick which is barely one month old. While our birds often take up to 12 months and usually most birds never does not at all.

The Dutch Seramaclubs wants to adjust the serama-standard and describes the thighs (legs) of the Serama as follows:

Thighs: Strong and rather short in length than normal, parallel and well apart.
Legs: medium to long, so the wings can be worn vertically, smooth, often scaly, parallel and well apart

Onto what do they rely on, kapan? With this picture giving them a real example of how thighs and legs of the serama need to be. Thighs must be long otherwise it's no Serama!

It was during our visits through Terengganu where i saw white animals for the first time. Unfortunately, the type is less than the average Serama but even then, still a thousand times better than the European birds.

The icing on the cake came near the end of the journey. The Melaka competition, where a chick in my name was registered and became champion.

The trophy got a place of honor in our home.

Thank you my dear friends in the warm and far away country where i lost my heart.

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